Cthulhu by the Bay

Colour of His Eyes - Session 3

(Unfortunately, I could only capture the first half of this session on video, as Google Live Hangouts does not provide a way to resume recording after a pause. Therefore, this video captures the session up until the break.)

Dr. Garrick having been moved to Doctor’s hospital to be treated for his gunshot wounds, the investigators make their way back to Park Hill Sanitarium, where they discover that “something” that can only be described as a nebulous and amorphous cloud of light blasted through the wall of the sanitarium, killing an inmate in the process. The phenomenon then continued to move through the hall to Dr. Garrick’s, still unoccupied, former cell on the Low Threat Ward. After realizing the Doctor no longer resided at the hospital, the entity left the way it came in.

Investigating the grounds outside of the hole in the wall of the sanitarium, the investigators determine that whatever attacked the hospital left no tracks, which corroborates the reports of the few witnesses, who claimed whatever it was seemed to float through the air.

Having exhausted the trail at the sanitarium, the investigators head over to the Mechanics’ Institute, where they are asked to buy a 6-month membership for $3. At the Mechanics Institute, they find Larry Jackson, working in the basement. When they try to ask him about his and Dr. Garrick’s plans for the telescope, he tells them he doesn’t want to talk about it at work and asks them to come to his house later in the day.

Later that night at his house, Larry explains to the investigators the story of how Dr. Garrick and he had found the telescope in the basement of the Mechanics’ Institute while cleaning out the basement several years previously. According to the journal that accompanied it, the telescope had originally belonged to an Englishman named Raymond Campbell, who was a member of the Institute from 1868 to 1871 when he died.

Larry and Dr. Garrick together had moved the telescope to the Lick Observatory, of which Dr. Garrick was also a member, where together they assembled the massive, cyclopean telescope according to the esoteric and eldritch instructions in Campbell’s notes and blueprints.

Upon completion at the observatory, Dr. Garrick was the first to look through the powerful lenses of what he considered to be the most powerful telescope in the world. Unfortunately, that was the last thing Dr. Garrick ever saw, for while looking through the powerful lenses, he screamed out in pain. When he took his eyes away from the eyepiece, his eyes had acquired the phosphorescence, and he was completely blind.

Larry explains that the phosphorescence caused Dr. Garrick great pain, and it was this pain that led to his incarceration at Park Hill Sanitarium.

After being debriefed by Larry, the investigators then head over to Doctor’s Hospital in order to further interrogate Dr. Garrick about his escape from the sanitarium and the various attacks he committed. At the hospital, the nurse informs the investigators that the doctor forbade anyone from visiting the bullet-riddled Garrick, who is now in intensive care. Furthermore, two police officers guard the entrance to his room.

The investigators begin to plan how they might create a diversion that will allow them to enter the room surreptitiously; however, before they can put their plans into action, they are startled by a blood-curdling scream from down the hall. When they turn to look, they see an amorphous mass of light attacking a nurse, draining her of her life force. People on the floor begin to scream and flee in panic. The two policeman stationed at Garrick’s door engage the cloud and fire several ineffective shots through it. Meanwhile, our investigators scramble into Doctor Garrick’s room and begin to wheel the patient out of the room and towards the elevator. The amorphous, living globule of light, however, traps them at the elevator and attacks Silas Turtledove McCloughlin III. The investigators flee the scene, leaving Dr. Garrick behind to his death. The flesh on Silas’s face, hands, and upper body is badly scarred. Montana drags his wounded comrade down the stairs and finds an orderly who begins to tend Silas’s wounds.

When Montana returns to the elevator there is no sign of the phenomenon and Dr. Garrick’s desiccated corpse lies on the gurney where the two men left it. The light has finally vacated the poor man’s eyes.

Silas spends the next few days in the hospital recovering from the attack. During that time, the city returns to normal as the uncanny events begin to fade into oblivion. However, a couple of days later, Silas and Montana notice in the paper that another peculiarly desiccated body is discovered in an alley in Chinatown. The two men immediately head out to investigate. At the scene of the crime, the only evidence they find is an unusually large sewer drain. When they try to leave, however, their departure is arrested by an elderly Chinese street magician who seems to have knowledge about what attacked the man in the alley. He tells the investigators that the local opium gangs that run the streets of Chinatown have created a labyrinth of tunnels beneath the city, in which they create their poisonous concoctions and that the monster the investigators seek has taken up residence in these darkened halls, as it has an aversion for light.

The scene closes with the elderly man telling the investigators that they could seek the knowledge of sorcerers who live the north of San Francisco around a large mountain near the Oregon-California border—Mt. Shasta. He indicates these beings have knowledge that can stop the nemesis the investigators face.


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