Cthulhu by the Bay

The Colour of His Eyes - Session 1

On the morning of Monday, November 23rd, 1925, Montana Chiriaco picked up the Examiner in San Francisco to discover that noted astronomer and friend, Dr. Robert Garrick, had killed a nurse and maimed an orderly while breaking out of Park Hill Sanitarium.

At the sanitarium, Montana learns from Dr. Garrick’s psychoanalyst, Dr. Albert Van Hyne, that Dr. Garrick was in the Low Threat Ward because of his model behavior preceding the previous night’s outbreak. Moreover, the Dr. tells Professor Chiriaco that ever since the onset of Dr. Garrick’s blindness, his eyes have emitted a strange, unsettling phosphorescence.

Lastly, Dr. Van Hyne describes the bizarre condition in which the nurse’s body was found—a shrivelled, gray, dessicated husk that weighed only a fraction of its usual weight with gray, dry and cracked flesh. The orderly’s wounds were of the same nature.

With this information on hand, Dr. Chiriaco makes his way to Doctor’s Hospital where he manages to talk to the maimed orderly, Alexander Wilson. Alexander tells him that the usually subdued astronomer began yelling that something was coming for him when he started banging on his door. According to Wilson, Garrick tore the bandages from his eyes and the queer light that emanated from his orbs wounded him and killed Nurse Burroughs.

Stumped for a lead, Dr. Chiriaco goes to the hospital cafeteria where he purchases a new paper, in which he sees that two transients were killed in an alley not far from the sanitarium, and their bodies bore the unusual features Doctor Van Hyne had attributed to the corpse of Nurse Burroughs.

Determined to get access to the body of the deceased nurse, Montana asks a cafeteria employee where he can find the hospital morgue and makes his way to the basement. There, he overhears two hospital employees discussing how Dr. Cleggman is on his way to Autopsy Room 4 to conduct his examination of the nurse from the sanitarium.

Stifled by locked doors, Montana apprehends Dr. Cleggman on his way to the autopsy room, but the medical examiner proves to be impervious to Chiriaco’s wiles.


Paul_Vasquez Paul_Vasquez

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