Cthulhu by the Bay

The Colour of His Eyes - Session 2


After being rebuffed at the Doctor’s Hospital Morgue, Montana contacts his old associates, Rachel and Artie, and asks them to meet him at a restaurant where he fills them in on the peculiar events that have transpired concerning his previous acquaintance, Dr. Robert Garrick. While debriefing his comrades, he is overheard from a nearby table by private investigator Silas Turtledove McCloughlin III who has also been hired by Charlotte Wilson to work on the case and find out what had happened to her son, Orderly Alexander Wilson.

From there, the party decides to check out the alley in the lower Heights where the paper had reported the previous day that two transients had been killed in a fashion that mirrored that which had been described at the Park Hill Sanitarium.

At the alley, the party discovers from a local transient woman and a newspaper salesman that their quarry had attacked the two homeless men with his glowing eyes before stealing their clothes and money and running down the street to hail a cab. While at the paper stand, they also see a newspaper article that says another murder happened the previous night at the Lick Observatory. This fact throws a wrinkle in the case since the murder at the observatory occurred at 9 p.m. the previous night, whereas Dr. Garrick did not leave the hospital until around 11 p.m.

After tracking down the cabbie, the investigators determine that Dr. Garrick went to a local pawn shop.

Garrick’s trail having grown cold, the investigators decide to drive out to the Lick Observatory and see what they can find out. Silas calls his driver, Charles, and he brings the car.

At the observatory, the investigators learn that Dr. Garrick has already been there, and left a trail of chaos in his wake. A Dr. Preston at the Lick Observatory tells the investigators that Dr. Garrick had come earlier that evening asking about his notes and telescope. Dr. Preston informed him, however, that the telescope had been returned to the Mechanics Institute, where it had originally been found. Dr. Preston also remarked upon the unusual welding goggles Dr. Garrick had worn.

Dr. Preston explains to the investigators that Dr. Garrick had discovered the telescope’s Garrick_s_Telescope.jpgschematics and parts while cleaning out the basement of the Mechanics’ Institute, of which he was also a member. He asked the Institute if he could borrow the telescope in order to reconstruct it at the Lick Observatory, and the Institute happily complied. It was after the completion of the strange device that Dr. Garrick’s curious ailment set upon him, for when he looked through the massive contraption for the first time, he was stricken blind within moments, and his eyes acquired the strange phosphorescent glow, which had plagued him ever since. Furthermore, doctors and scientists had been unable to determine what caused the doctor’s blindness. The best conjectures were that he had experienced some kind of exposure to radiation.

At any rate, Dr. Garrick had left the observatory in a huff, and had bolted when a security guard recognized him. Before leaving, the investigators inspect Dr. Garrick’s previous quarters and find a piece of paper above a high shelf with his writing. The paper shows notes Garrick had made concerning the telescope. Rachel and Montana are able to identify occult symbols from the lost nation of Mu interspersed with the mathematical calculations.

The party concluded that having been told the telescope had been relocated to the Mechanics’ Institute, that would be the best location to look for him. The investigators arrive at the Institute around 2 a.m. in the morning, but Montana notices a car with some engineering papers inside parked on the street nearby. Meanwhile, Rachel and Silas listen at the front door and hear men talking inside.

Artie climbs up a fire escape behind the building and discovers an open window on the second floor. From there, the party enters the building and makes its way down to the basement, from which the men’s voices come.

In the basement the party finds Dr. Garrick and his former colleague, Larry Jackson, preparing the telescope for reassembly, while discussing plans for alterations to its design.

It occurs to Rachel that if the light from Garrick’s eyes is lethal, then a mirror might be able to protect them, so Artie sneaks back upstairs and finds a mirror in the women’s bathroom.

Sneaking back down the stairs with the mirror, he enters the room and tries to fast talk Garrick and his associate by pretending to be a member of the Institute, putting the mirror back in storage. Garrick sees through his disguise, however, and reaches to remove his protective eyewear.

Silas observes Garrick reaching to remove his goggles and fires a shot, but Garrick dodges out of the way, rises, and aims his phosphorescent eyes at Artie with the mirror. The mirror blocks most of the light’s energy from Artie, but his exposed fingers begin to smolder, grey, and crack beneath Garrick’s searing gaze. He drops the mirror, and runs into the boiler room, closing the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Montana fires off a shot, hitting Garrick in the arm, after which Garrick collapses. Silas fires two more shots into the incapacitated Garrick who is lying on the floor, and takes his friend, Larry Jackson, into custody. After determining that Garrick is still alive, although barely, Rachel is able to curb his bleeding just enough to keep him alive long enough for the investigators to transfer the bullet riddled Garrick to the hospital.

The next morning, the investigators awake to the discovery that the Park Hill Sanitarium had been attacked the previous night by an unknown entity, leaving one person dead and several wounded.


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