Cthulhu by the Bay

Like a Lamb of Judah - Session 2

Session 2

Friday morning, Quinlan tells Leah he is not feeling well, so Gunther and Leah set out for Sausalito. Wanting to speak to the Reverend again, they drop by the church and schedule a meeting for 1 p.m. with the reverend before heading to the cemetery to do some investigating.

At the cemetery, they find Doris Tailor’s grave undisturbed, but they also find a deep, open well. In the dirt around the well, Leah finds odd hoof-like tracks and Gunther hears strange noises, so Gunther decides to go back to town and buy some rope to go down into the well. At the bottom, he finds various decomposed remains, and a network of dug-out tunnels. Coming from one of the dark tunnels a scratching and meeping noise reverberates. He follows the sound and it disappears down the tunnel, so he turns around and heads back. When he reaches the rope, he hears the sound again louder from the tunnel. Whatever it is followed him back. He heads back into the tunnel, and when he turns the corner, something white with a dog-like maw leaps out and snaps at him. He fires his pistol, and the creature runs. Gunther flees running through the caverns screaming.

After several minutes he comes to and hears his partner calling from up above. Finding his way back to the rope and the exit, he begins to climb out of the well, but loses his grip halfway up. He falls to the ground and loses consciousness. Not knowing what else to do, Leah tries to climb down, but she also loses her grip and falls. The two lie unconscious at the bottom of the well.

When the investigators don’t show up at the church at 1:00, the reverend contacts the sheriff and asks him to find out what happened. He also calls the Pinkerton agency. The agency sends Vincenzo LiVolsi, another agent, to investigate. Arriving in Sausalito, he finds the investigators at the bottom of the well. After pulling them to the surface, the trio heads to the hospital in S.F. where Gunther receives treatment.

The next day, the investigators head back to the church, but they discover that the reverend is in San Francisco for the day. Leah and Vincenzo suspect the secretary is putting them off, so they go by the reverend’s house. The butler corroborates the secretary’s story. However, while leaving the house, Gunther notices a suspiciously similar track to that which they saw at the cemetery. They follow the tracks and find it leads them to a locked cellar door around the back of the house. With that in mind, Vincenzo decides he’d like to check out the church for similar tracks. Meanwhile, Gunther and Leah head to the local library to see if they can dig up some information on the church.

At the church, Vincenzo is unable to find more tracks. However, at the library, Leah is able to find information regarding the founding of the church and Doris Taylor. She also finds a newspaper article that shows animals have been disappearing all over town.


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