Artie Gushman

Hard-boiled veteran and licensed private detective


ARTIE GUSHMAN, Age 36, Tough Private Investigator
STR 15 CON 16 SIZ 12 INT 11 POW 12
DEX 14 APP 12 EDU 14 SAN 60 HP 14
Damage Bonus: plus1D4
Weapons: .45 Automatic 65%, damage 1D10 plus 2, Punch 50%, damage 1D3 plus 1D4
Armor: none
Skills*: Bargain 75%, Conceal 25%, Disguise 20%, Dodge 35%, Drive Automobile 40%, Fast Talk 55%, Handgun 65%, Hide 40%, Jump 35%, Law 55%, Library Use 53%, Listen 29%, Locksmith 40%, Mechanical Repair 30%, Persuade 55%, Photography 45%, Psychology 53%, Sneak 70%, Spot Hidden 71%, Track 41%
“*” = Italicized skills have increased since first game

Uncustomized Skills: Accounting 10%, Art (Harmonica) 5%, Bargain 75%, Conceal 25%, Craft (Gunsmithing) 5%, Credit Rating 15%, First Aid 30%, Medicine 5%, Natural History 10%, Occult 5%, Own Language (English) 55%, Ride 5%, Swim 25%
Skills at 1%: Anthropology 1%, Archaeology 1%, Astronomy 1%, Biology 1%, Chemistry 1%, Geology 1%, Pharmacy 1%, Physics 1%, Psychoanalysis 1%
Skills at 0%: Cthulhu Mythos 0%

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Arthur “Artie” Gushman saw things in the Great War. Things only madness or oblivion can help a man unsee. He volunteered for the Canadian army, even though he was an American, out of desire for adventure that he would later regret. Even the carnage of the Somme paled compared to what he saw in 1915, while recuperating from trench fever in a field hospital behind the lines of St. Eloi, under the care of a battlefield surgeon named Major Herbert West, but Artie tried his best to forget. But when he got home, he didn’t fit in. He still couldn’t sleep.

When the cops wouldn’t hire him, Artie wasn’t sure what to do. He moved from odd job to odd job around New England until his sister’s husband, an ex-cop named Alfred Elliot, went into business as a private detective. He helped Artie get a license of his own to help out with Alfred’s caseload. They had some good years, snooping on cheating husbands, tracking down delinquents, shaking down the crooks the cops wouldn’t touch.

Of course, finding out his sister Judy was cheating on her husband Alfred put the veteran gumshoe in a bad spot. He was still figuring out what to do when he took on the case of a dying man looking for his long-lost niece, which turned into an expedition to a “haunted” farmhouse. The scars from that incident amounted to far more than just the three diagonal slashes that still mar Artie’s right cheekbone, scars that look like they were inflicted by no earthly creature.

Only around the others who went through it— the professor, the reporter, the torch-singer with a past— will Artie speak of what happened. All the horror of the Great War came back, and worse. In the end, between the psychological trauma and the complications of his family/work arrangement, Artie decided to move across the country and strike out on his own… But first, he spent time in a sanitarium in Alameda, California, across the bay from San Francisco, hoping the psychiatric sciences would succeed more permanently at granting the blessed forgetfulness he’d been seeking in whiskey bottles.

His first case after checking out of the looney bin gave him a bit of confidence and stability. A fake scam by “spritualists” outside San Jose reminded him that most things in the world have a logical explanation. But even now, as he has opened up his own low-rent office in San Francisco, Artie is haunted by his peeks behind the curtain. While there are a lot of strange things that can be accounted for, there are other things that no rational mind can ever explain at all. And Artie seems cursed to encounter these things, again and again…

Artie Gushman

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