Cthulhu by the Bay

Like a Lamb of Judah - Session 3

The next day the investigators meet at the Pinkerton agency and head to the church in order to question Reverend Harcourt Pitman. While at the church, the investigators are able to gain access to the records room where they discover a number of large payments made from the church accounts to the The Argonaut Bookstore.

After the service, the investigators ask Rev. Pitman about the tracks around his house and about the brooch found at the Lawson home. The reverend tells the investigators he has no knowledge of either.

Outside the church, the investigators notice a man watching them across the street who one of the investigators recognizes from a photograph as Mr. Lawson. When the investigators give chase, Mr. Lawson takes off running. The investigators follow him into an alley where he pulls a gun on them and tells them to get lost. After the investigators back out of the alley, Mr. Lawson dodges through the backdoor of a shop adjacent to the alley and leaps into his black, Ford automobile.

The investigators report the incident to the local sheriff, Sheriff Ansel Andersen, and head back to the library, where they discover another article reporting strange sightings in the town after dark. The investigators spend the night watching the local cemetery, where Vincenzo and Gunther encounter something grizzly around the remains of a local dog near the entrance to the well.

The next morning, Monday the 6th, the investigators get called into the Pinkerton office where their supervisor, Bernard Corbin, informs the investigators that the San Francisco police called to let him know that Mr. Lawson is a retired Pinkerton investigator and that he had asked about information regarding the First Congregational Church of Sausalito a few weeks before Edith Lawson’s disappearance.

Later that day, the investigators go by The Argonaut Bookstore and discover that Rev. Pitman has been purchasing occult books over the years from the local book dealer for large sums of money. They end the day by obtaining equipment to further explore the cemetery well the next day.

The next morning, Tuesday the 7th, they head to the cemetery and descend into the well. Leah Xia stays at the top while Gunther Orne and Vincenzo LiVolsi drop down into the well by rope. At the bottom, they find a number of disturbing remains, some of which they are certain to be human. The first tunnel they take leads to a dead end; however, while exploring the second tunnel, they find a .38 revolver. Before returning they are attacked by a pair of gruesome creatures, one of which badly injures Vincenzo LiVolsi. The investigators end the day by taking their injured party member to the local hospital.


Paul_Vasquez Paul_Vasquez

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